World Pugilist Hall of Fame

Our mission is simple and that is to honor and preserve the heritage, records, achievements of those who excelled in the Pugilistic Combat arts. As well as to provide an education to our visitors.The World Pugilist Hall of Fame is a Subcommittee of USA SAVATE.

FOR DECADES the pugilist and martial arts community looked on with envy as their legends past into history.

This hall of fame is for those who teach every day the traditions, which have connected social, national, ethnic, racial and economic barriers within the training halls across the World. Pugilism or Martial Arts as taught in a traditional setting are now being decimated worldwide by misnomers and those who pretend the truth. In a World where many charlatans exist, we have to look aside the clutter of that reality and look to find the pearls that walk within this realm. In order to find the truth and tell the stories of those that live and teach the true systems and styles that bind these transcontinental subcultures that entwine society today.

The idea for a World Pugilist Hall of Fame germinated out of the Homage
for Maitre Chapa, which was held on the ten year anniversary of his death.
This instructor was the last to hold a lineage of the Basque fighting art of Zipota which was preserved within the Buitron family. The Homage was named “Cabeza Fria con Pie De Plomo”, after his saying which ended each classroom setting.

The system of Danse De Rue Savate’s love for two Great Masters that gave
their hearts as well as lives to the realm of Pugilism and Martial Skills, is
the reason for this hall of fame.

Maitre Isidro “Chilo” Chapa, learned from his step-uncle the way of zipota that has now been infused into the system of Danse De Rue Savate.

Sifu Keith See who learned Kempo in Hawaii, was a 1st Generation Parker Black Belt, 3rd Generation Emperado Black Belt, as well as the last great Kempo man who trained with all the Kempo Masters of Hawaii.

Today their teachings live in every classroom setting of the Danse de Rue Savate.