World Pugilist Hall of Fame

Criteria for Induction into the Hall of Fame

1. The nominee must come from a viable source of Instruction.

2. Must have competed in a sanctioned event or have been proven in the direction of his/her field of his abilities.

3. Must be teaching or have produced student of a sound and suitable character within society. 

4. If at anytime the Nominees asks for any type of stipend or money for his induction, his nomination will become voided immediately.

5. Must be Alive { granted if the Nominee is ill or of no age to travel he will still receive recognition and will be forwarded.}

Reasons for non-acceptance:

1. self-promotion of Rank

2.Never proved himself/herself within the field of study.

3.Never Taught.

4. For those in the following Categories :

      a) For the World Lineage Category: Must have trained from the founder or be able to prove a direct lineage to the founder of a style or system.

      b) Laredo Honored Pugilists : You have to be born in Laredo Texas.

      c) Women Honored Pugilists : Must  be able to prove a direct lineage to the founder of a style or system. Became a champion , competed and lead the martial arts in                your community

      d) Texas Honored Pugilists : You have to be born in Texas.

      e) America Honored Pugilists : You have to be born in USA built a martial arts community and lead the martial arts in your area.


In the acceptance of honor. Nominees must be 1st generation , 2nd Generation and so on. You have to understand that nominees that are closer in the genealogy scale to the founder will be awarded first.

We understand the historical content of the different styles and systems, so one must look into the history of each nominee before a meeting of the council. 

When decision is award a letter will be sent out personally to each Nominee. The Nominees will not get paid or receive a stipend for. If the Nominee receives any type of funding it will be solely for travel expense if the nominee is for out of the state of Texas, their Lodging and meals will be paid for.

To nominate a candidate you need to do the following:

  1. No Floor nominations during the Awards ceremony
  2. All those that wish to place a name to be nominated must send the candidates information , curriculum vitae, as well as that persons accomplishments in teaching or competition.
  3. When you send in your package for the candidates name, state the category( World Lineage Holders, Texas Honored Pugilist, Women’s Honored Pugilist and Laredo Honored Pugilists)
  4. Please send candidates information to the following address by January 15 of each year:   

                 USA SAVATE

             220 Hillside Rd #13

            Laredo Texas 78041